~ More about Go Puppy, and it’s mascot; Rascal~

In 2013, Go Puppy started with a little, bratty, attention-craving Pit Bull who had no friends. One day he nagged his Artist. He wanted friends.
With lots of wishing + waiting; It happened. The “puppies that are always going” name has now grown to include more than 245 featured animals, all hand painted on digital canvas by their Artist. Painted custom with the owners in mind; their works are inspired by our loving pets who are there for us through it all. Pit Bulls were the first to be seen before including more breeds, then cats, and will now feature a growing gallery of all kinds including mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and even feathered friends. With a heart for the well being of ALL animals, there are no limitations on painterly subjects.

A store was opened to welcome in the season of warm tones, Halloween, and other festivities of 2016. A personal favorite. The collection featured Halloween-themed graphics that warmed the hearts of pet lovers. After a few more collections, i put the store on hiatus. It’ll be back soon!
Original Artworks now in production as well. The ideas are finally being brought to life, with most being confined into journals for several years, to share with anyone who fancies them. They will feature the escapades of nature’s creation through the eyes of Rascal and myself.

We wouldn’t be here without our support. Everyone is appreciated, the old and the new.

Thank you. xo

–  Artist Annie

Go Puppy’s artwork is classified under digital/new media arts.
Mediums used include Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai, and professional Wacom products.